Thursday, February 18, 2010

Babies bring visitors

One of the many perks about having a baby is that if you live far away from family and friends (or even if you don't) you get lots of visitors. Hooray!

Not only are Sarah and Adam coming to visit in two weeks (hooray!) now my parents have decided to come visit as well. Sarah and Adam are coming down for Anahi's presentacion (presentation in English, if you hadn't figured that out) in church. I think that in the States you usually do this when they are newborns, but apparently in Mexico they do it whenever. Also, you must have Godparents to help you present the baby (she is getting quite heavy), so Sarah and Adam will be doing the honors. Truthfully, I don't really know what Godparents are supposed to do; bring your child closer to God? And should Godparents be capitalized? So many questions, your answers will be much appreciated.

Digression aside, my parents decided, oh, a week ago, to come down. Oh, and my sister is coming too. No brother, he is still across the ocean in Greece (boo to him!). So I am now counting down the days (15!) until they come and our little bitty 2 bedroom apartment is chock-a-block (sp?) with people! Although we have Tato's family down here, we don't have too many friends, and weekends get pretty lonely around here.

Speaking of lonely (or no longer feeling that way), we do still plan on moving to GA, but things are slow to get going. I applied for two jobs, within the GA state mental health system, but haven't received any phone calls, boo! This is surprising, as I thought I was definitely qualified for them. It's been about three weeks, do you just think they are slow to set up interviews? I guess I should look for some other jobs to apply for. Oh, laziness, you are not my friend!


  1. yay for moving to GA!
    I would say they are probably super slow with setting up interviews. I mean they are the "state." Every experience I have had with the "state" has been very slow.

  2. I don't really know how much responsibility godparents really have (and I don't think you have to capitalize it). I think they are required to buy the baby/child extra presents at Christmas/birthday, though. At least that's what mine did!!

  3. Ok I just found your blog. They are slow to set up interviews. I didn't get called for several months. It might help to email the director of psychology (I'm assuming you applied to one of the DBHDD hospitals but I'm not sure). I know more about how/who they hire/what they loook for, etc. if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

  4. and um I just realized this post is like over a year old! Ah! I thought it was recent. Oh well, if you still have questions about georgia mental health, you can still email me- ha ha!!!!